The July Artist of the Month is Randee J. Ward. You are invited to view her photographic, multiple-image works at the Guild room at Gallery Los Olivos.

Award winning artist Randee J. Ward, creates art resulting from her inner push to express and share how she interprets what she sees in nature. Using her imagination she interweaves the complexities of nature. Giving us calm and serenity. Photography is the base for her expressions. Whether she brings in mixed media to extend beyond the borders, or stays strictly with photography using multiple images, her passion to create and share her love of nature is evident.


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About the Artists Guild of the Santa Ynez Valley

The Artists Guild of the Santa Ynez Valley is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization open to all artists and supporters of the arts. Its purpose is to encourage artists to grow in artistic ability, to enable them to exhibit their works for sale, and to promote artistic awareness in the community-at-large.

The Artists Guild's primary permanent venue is in Gallery Los Olivos, which is located at 2920 Grand Avenue, Los Olivos, CA 93441 and is open daily 10 - 5.

Approximately 120 members support Guild activities and are eligible to show their original fine art in the Guild Room at the Gallery Los Olivos. Guild membership includes both amateur and professional artists, who work in a wide range of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, color and B&W photography, photo-based digital art, and fiber art.

The Artists Guild is wholly staffed by volunteers and sponsors many art activities, workshops, and scholarships for promising young artists.


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